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Mark Dektor is a Los Angeles based photographer, director and cinematographer.  Much of his commercial work has been in television commercials, where he found his ability to connect with everyday people. He brings this same skill to his portraiture and documentary still photography. 

“I am drawn to the intimate nature of still photography as it allows me to get in close, one on one, with my subjects and to depict their essence, their true and authentic personality.  That's what drives me.” 

Mark’s career began by working his way up from 2nd assistant camera, to 1st assistant, and ultimately to DP (director of photography) and director.  He developed his skill shooting non-actor testimonials, honing his ability to draw out people’s true personalities and gain their trust.  This ability led to prestigious and wide-ranging assignments for Mercedes, Ford, Maybelline, Suave, Dove – launching the campaign for real beauty - as well as the Chicago Blackhawks.  Additionally, he shot the pitch for the 2016 Olympics for the city of Chicago.  Mark is an effective creative collaborator as well as an insightful and committed documentarian and artist.

“I love the discovery aspect of shooting, letting the story unfold as it happens, while bringing the true essence of each person to my photographs.” 

When making images, Mark honestly engages with people, and takes a true interest in what they have to say.  He believes that having a real dialogue is key to making people feel comfortable and allowing them to open up and expose their true selves.