A childhood interest in cameras led to Mark to become a camera assistant at age 17 and shooting award-winning commercials at age 21. After a successful career as a cinematographer, Mark began directing and lensing commercials. He has worked with some of the biggest corporations (Dove, Suave, AmEx, McDonald's, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, he directed the olympic pitch for Chicago 2016 to name a few), musicians, and celebrities.  Equally capable of capturing both beauty and grit, Mark's fly-on-the-wall, spontaneous approach allows him to organically capture moments that unfold in front of him as well as truly capturing the personalities of the people in front of his camera.


Toyota, Allstate Insurance, American Apparel, American Express, Blistex, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Brian McKnight, Chicago Blackhawks, Cindy Crawford, Dove, Ecstasy PSA, Exile Cycles, Ford Motor Company, Franciscan Healthcare, JJ Bad Boy Jones, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lucky Strike Tobacco, Luther Vandross, Magic Johnson, Maybelline, McDonald's, Mercedes-Benz, 2016 Olympics, Pacific Bell, Save the Music PSA, Schweppes, Steve Miller Band, and Woolite among others.